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  • What to bring to your appointment
    Referral Letter Please ensure you bring a copy of the referral letter from your GP or other specialist practitioner. Dr Calabro will keep them informed of your care throughout you time in his care. Patient information Please ensure you bring your Medicare or Veterans’ Affairs card and Private Health Insurance card or details with you. Work Cover patients will also need to provide the details of their employer, insurer and claim number. Please provide detail of your medical and surgical history, allergies and regular medications when completing the patient registration form when you attend the consult. Medical Imaging Dr Calabro is usually able to view your online medical records including diagnostic imaging and radiology reports. You will need to advise Dr Calabro of the name of the clinic and location that the imaging was performed at. If you are unsure or would like to bring your images with you at the time of consultation please do so. Other Investigations Please bring any other relevant reports or medical investigations with you at the time of your consultation with Dr Calabro.
  • How to prepare for surgery
    Infection prevention If any of the following occur prior to your planned surgery, they could increase your risk of a surgical infection. Please contact Dr Calabro if this is the case: · You develop a skin infection · You have cuts or scratches on your legs · You have tested positive to Covid-19 · You have a chest, throat or bladder infection. Please follow any pre-operative infection prevention instructions Dr Calabro provides. Medications Most medications can be continued as usual prior to and after your procedure. However it is important to advise Dr Calabro and your anaesthetist of any prescription or over the counter medications you take. Blood thinning medication and diabetes medications may need to be reviewed around your surgical procedure. If you are unsure at all, please discuss this with Dr Calabro. Fasting Dr Calabro will provide you with specific fasting instructions prior to your day of surgery. Please adhere to these instructions so that your procedure can go ahead as planned.
  • Additional resources to read about my procedure
    If you would like to read further general information around your condition or procedure, Dr Calabro recommends the websites below for reliable, evidence based information. Please note these are not substitutes for professional medical advice and Dr Calabro will discuss your specific condition and management needs with you at the time of consultation. Orthoanswer, an Australian website created by an Australian orthopaedic surgeon for Australian patients, provides information on various orthopaedic conditions and procedures. The on-line Patient Education Library of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons provides information on a variety of conditions and procedures.
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